Is Strength Training for Pregnancy REALLY That Valuable?

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Do I HAVE to strength train during pregnancy and is it really THAT beneficial?

Short Answers: NO you don’t and YES it is!


pregnancy strength trainingpregnancy strength training



Movement and strength training during pregnancy are super beneficial for you and baby both now and post-partum.


Health Benefits for Mom:

  • Less pain and discomfort from changing body
  • Handle the stress of labor better
  • Maintain better alignment which helps with easier labor and faster recovery
  • Boost energy levels
  • Might help manage the condition of gestational diabetes
  • Better sleep

Health Benefit for Baby:

  • Stronger blood vessels
  • Brains mature faster
  • Handle stress of labor better


That being said there are plenty of moms that didn’t work out due to symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and lack of energy.  These women survived birth and postpartum to tell the tale!


However, while pregnant, there are REAL reasons that strength training isn’t ideal for you.  These reasons are far and few between for the average mom but should be taken seriously.  Even with the below list there are ways to get quality movement in. 


Medical events where working out might be tailored back or advised against:

  • Certain types of heart problems
  • Premature labor signs
  • Placenta Previa after 26 weeks
  • Persistent and significant bleeding
  • Preeclampsia
  • Significant Lung disease or infection




Now If you have clearance from your birth team then let’s chat about why it’s so important to keep moving and strength training through pregnancy!



Labor Is A Serious Marathon  


Not to mention the whole time you’re caring your bundle of joy.  Strength training can help support moms through this marathon and help give you the stamina needed for the delivery.

Recovery is it’s own type of marathon.  It can be hard to take the recommended recovery time seriously.  

You may be feeling great and jump into hard and too fast. You might be wondering why something doesn’t feel right.


You may be feeling less than stellar and have been given your clearance to resume working out.  You might be wondering to yourself…….”How the f**k does this work?”

Pregnancy takes its toll on the body for 9+months, and delivery is a massive medical event.  Let’s take a moment and give these two the respect they deserve.  

Strength training helps to set you up for faster, easier delivery and recovery.  

Your Core And Pelvic Floor Are Put Through A Feat Of Strength Through Pregnancy And Delivery. 


Through strength training you can help keep your core working optimally to help support your movement and help to keep baby in an optimal position for labor. 


pelvic floorpelvic floor

If you’re working with an educated or certified pre-and postnatal coach, then you’ll hopefully be working on accessing your pelvic floor muscles. Yes, there is more than one.

  • Where are they
  • What do they do
  • What does it feel like to both relax and activate them
  • How does breathing plays a role in your pelvic floor and core


Strength Training And A Healthy Weight


Strength training can help moms maintain a healthy weight going into pregnancy as well as through pregnancy.  This plays a significant role in how moms recovery post-delivery. 


Strength Training Can Help With Keeping Energy Levels Up And Stress Levels And Nausea Down


Keep in mind that every pregnancy is different and this might not occur for you.  However, it is important to play it by ear and listen to what your body is telling you. 

Many moms find that they felt better post workout and it helped to keep the nausea monster at bay.


Baby Gear Is Heavy

Let’s talk about how much that stroller, diaper bag and baby IN THE car seat weigh!  After delivery that little one needs to be picked up and transported.  All of these things add up in weight and if you’ve been strength training you’ll be ready to farmer carry that car seat wherever you need to go.



Here are exercises that our AMP mom’s see in their workouts that have a direct correlation to how they relate to post-partum. 



Training Can Be Tailored

The best part about strength training is that it can be tailored for your needs.  Feel great going into the second trimester and want to get your sweat on go for it!



Feel like a sloth in your first trimester and barely made it through the doors?  Breathing and unloaded movement is on the docket for you!


AMP mommas are given their program based on how they are feelings, their experience level, but they are also given an “extra” day for the days where they come in feeling their worst.  They feel better knowing that there is program waiting for them that wont drain them too much but will leave them feeling better than before.

Below is an example of a 2 day Prenatal Program:


Hoped this helped with your own training.  Do you have questions on your own pre or postnatal training?  I’d love to hear them!