AMP Superhero Spotlight: Olessia Grinevitch

I’d like to introduce the First Guess Fitness community Olessia.  Growing up in a small village in Ukraine, Olessia is no stranger to hard work and lifting heavy things up and putting them down.  Before coming to AMP, she received the advice and blessings of her Russian Orthodox priest to start exercising.  Since then she has dominated a 200lb deadlift and now the priest is asking HER advice.  True story.To help you all get to know Olessia a little better here is some more insight into her training world.  Enjoy!


1) How long have you been training?

I have been training on and off for 4 years due to some minor injuries, setbacks, and life stuff.  I always feel better when I’m following a training program and consistent with my routine so I never take a break for TOO long!

3) What is your long-term fitness goal?

To stay active and take care of my body….you know you only have 1!  I also want to do a pull-up on my own.  They are hard but I know I can work towards that goal. 🙂

4) What is your favorite exercise?

Deadlifts!!!!!!!!!  I love feeling strong!

5) What is your least favorite exercise?

Bear crawls.  They are stupid. (trainer’s note: this means ‘hard’ in Ukraine)

6) What is your greatest achievement/training experience since joining AMP?

After training for only 5 weeks I was able to build up and deadlift 170lbs 5 times!  It was ridiculous.  Then only 6 weeks after that I was able to deadlift 205lbs 3 times.  Even more ridiculous!

It means having a team of superheroes who are always here to lift you up and keep you accountable to yourself and your goals.  I would say it is for the results but it’s much more than that….it’s just great to be part of a team to get stronger and better with every time you train.

8) What is your favorite AMP moment?

Every moment I spend at AMP is awesome!  I always feel like I am better than the day before.  Their philosophy of 1% better every day is so trueeee!

Oh, and every time Steve tries to dance.  He can’t dance…it’s bad, real bad. 🙂

9) Having trained in other gyms, what makes the First Guess Fitness training environment so unique?

The program is unique to me (not everyone else who comes in the door),it grows with me, and I get to be part of a team.  I get 100% support both in and outside the AMP walls which goes above and beyond what I expected when I started training.  I feel like I am part of the AMP family!

10) What would you say to anyone who doesn’t know what training at AMP is all about?

If you are scared, that’s good. Fear is what pushes you to come and try it and to get rid of it. The coaches at AMP go above and beyond to professionally assess your posture and limitations and design not only a perfect training program but a solution to help you keep getting better every time you train! DEFINITELY get your program. And finally try to achieve getting 1% better every time. AMP is about gains: physical and mental. Loosing fear of exercising is the best part 🙂