Eat Better WHILE Saving Time and Money

You may have wondered at some point if eating healthy(er) and improving the quality of your food will truly be the key to weight loss glory.

And some of you may be thinking, “Yeah, I know I should eat better… but it’s so much work. I have to shop, prep, plan, cook and clean. Who has time for that?”

shopping mom.gifshopping mom.gif

Well, that’s a great question and I totally get it. Being a mother, wife, business owner, and coach: time matters most. And anywhere I can cut corners I will in order to spend a few extra minutes with my little nugget each week.

But having good food ready doesn’t have to take as much time as you think each week AAAAANNND may actually be done in less time than most people’s typical food shopping. It also doesn’t have to be meticulously planned out each or require you to create a menu from scratch.

What if I told you that food prep can be done with incredibly healthy food in less time than it takes to go to the grocery store? How far down the rabbit hole would you go?

First, A Mindset Shift…

When talking nutrition with our members at AMP, the first concern I typically get when it comes to eating healthy is that most people know what to do. They just don’t have the time to do it. And after working all week they just don’t want to think about it.

We do have strategies to work around the time constraint and I’m going to share this story to explain how.

Just last week, I had a member come up to me while I was coaching to specifically thank me for recommending something that help both his nutrition choices, personal productivity and stress levels. This is how it went:

“I did what you said and all of a sudden everything got easier to manage in the kitchen and I have more time on the weekend. My stress around food has dropped dramatically, too. This is a game changer, thank you!” – Eric

thank you.gifthank you.gif

What was that thing?

A food service.

Nothing groundbreaking but for some it can be life changing. I mean, most of us have been going food shopping at a grocery store or market our entire lives. It’s just how things have been done. But times are a changin’.

A good food delivery service can:

  • Take the guesswork out of what to make
  • Inject some variety into your diet
  • Provide fresh, nutritious, locally-sourced food
  • Get sent right to your door
  • Decrease meal prep time

And it doing so will can help you:

  • Save time and energy to spend on what matters: your loved ones
  • Decrease stress of having ‘another thing to do’
  • Help you make better food choices
  • Get better results from your fitness and nutrition plan
  • Improve the overall quality of your life to do more things and be happier!

Are you sold yet?!

Meal deliver might not be for everyone but I’m sure you can find at least a small piece of the puzzle that will help you stay on track with your nutrition goals. Simple and yet oh so effective!

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Here are 3 simple ways you can use meal services to get better quality food and nail nutrition!

1. Local Produce To Your Doorstep. Yes, Please!

produce shareproduce share

Not only will you intake more produce PURELY based on the fact that there is more in your house, but you will also receive fresher vegetables and fruit from farms where you can go pick it yourself or talk to someone who did.

Bonus, if you’re someone who hates deciding what to make for the week having a farm share curated for you each week takes out all the guesswork. Just make sure you have your favorite veggie seasonings and dressings ready for prep.

Bonus #2, you can have a variety delivered if you like to cook and are a bit adventurous OR you can have them deliver just the basics and things you like the most!

Here are a few options in the Boston area:

Boston Organics (What we use)

 Valley Green Feast

Farmers To You

2. Meat Shares and Fish Markets, Oh My!

meat sharemeat share

Buying meat locally, you’ll be able to learn how the animals were both treated and processed to ensure best meat and fish practices before it finds it’s way to your plate.  

Meat/fish shares also allow you to select certain cuts and types of meat that you would prefer so you’re not stuck with odd cuts.  They even deliver to your home or office to save you time.

Pair with a good vegetable delivery or share and you’ll have 95% of your grocery shopping done for the week. And that means more time each week to spend with the ones you love! 

Here are a few options in the Boston area:

Walden Farms (What we use)

Chestnut Farms

Green Meadows Farm

Eat Wild

3. Less Work With Meal Delivery.

remade mealremade meal

If food prep isn’t your jam you can just have fresh meals delivered literally to your doorstep each week. And even if you do enjoy a bit of food prep and cooking, it’s still a big task to have enough ready to go meals for the week so. A few extra prepped meals go a long way towards helping you make good decisions when you get home late plagued by the hanger monster.

In the past it would have been challenging to find unprocessed fresh or freezer meals, but now you can get prepared meals from local companies or eve just the ingredients (pre-prepared) to make a meal.  

It’s such a glorious time we live in!

Here are a few of our favorite meal delivery services:


9 Miles East

Blue Apron

Mama Seez (plant based)

Chicken or the Eggplant

And many more!

Turn On Autopilot


Once you decide how much you would like delivered and how much prep you would like to do you’re only job is to decide which service works best for your preferences, values, and budget. And once it’s set up you can set that part of your life on autopilot for now! No stress, great food!

You may still have a few things like milk, eggs and some grains you still need delivered… all of which you can STILL have delivered via the interwebz. We use Amazon Fresh but Thrive Market is a strong contender.

And if you know you need milk and eggs delivered weekly, you can set up an auto subscription so you don’t have to think about it. Save more time = best life!

Wrapping It Up

Now that you’ve seen there are ways to save you time, energy, and decision making all whilst providing you with better food options go forth and eat well! 

And if you have any questions for any of the services we’ve tried just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’m happy to help! Toodles!

Looking for a bit of extra help nailing your fitness and nutrition goals? Let us be your guides and brand new fitness home!

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Lindsay is the co-founder and First Lady of First Guess Fitness as well as the head nutrition coach in our AMPed Nutrition coaching program. Lindsay implements a body-positive strategy to help each member and coaching client NAIL their health and nutrition goals. She’s also a SUPER mom and is a pre- and post-natal coach for all things fitness.